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Filling out the Registration Form


In order to print and fill out the registration form, hit Control-P on your keyboard. That will print out the form if your computer is Windows-based. I'm not sure how to do this on MAC systems but you can figure it out.

Class Registration Form


(Please Print) Name: ____________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: ________________________________ State: _____ ZIP: ________________
E-mail address:
Phone (day): __________________________ (evening): _______________________
(optional): _________________________
Eight Week Class & Starting Date Tuition: $480 plus materials   Please check one.
Day Classes______ or Evening Classes______  Starting Date:____________
Jewelry Fabrication:____  Wax Carving & Casting: ____   Lapidary: ____
Two Day Weekend Workshop-Tuition: $240 plus materials Date:____________Title:______________________________________________________
Three Day Weekend Workshop
-Tuition: $360 plus materials Date:_____________ Title:__________________________
Orion Welder Workshops- Tuition: $150 for TWO DAYS of instruction Date:___________________

Four Day Weekend Workshop -Tuition: $600 plus materials Date: ___________________
One-on-one Appointment-Tuition: $40 per hour plus materials Date:____________Topic:________________________________________________ Minimum $40 deposit for the first hour.
Sorry, we do not accept Paypal at this time
If paying by check, make payable to: MMSJL Pay by Check: ____ Check # __________
Pay by Charge: __ MasterCard __ VISA __ Discover __ American Express  Card #: _______________________________________ Exp. Date: __________
Name on Card ___________________________________V-Code on back: _____   Billing Address & Zip code if different from mailing address_______________________________________       __________________________________________________ 
All class or workshop reservations require a $25 deposit with this registration form if not paid in full. The deposit includes a $5 lab fee for consumables like torch gas, sandpaper,etc.                     The other $20 will be deducted from your tuition.
Upon receipt of this form via mail or fax, we will confirm your reservation. Due to limited class sizes, we will not deposit your check or charge your credit or debit card if we cannot fill your class request. CANCELLATION POLICY: Students who cancel last minute after being accepted will be charged a $25 administrative fee.
No refunds will be made after the starting date of a class. Classes without a minimum number of registrations may be cancelled and a full refund will be due to students.
You may MAIL this form back to: Ruthie Cohen c/o MMSJL, 197 Locust Ct, Arden, NC 28704